3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Pests At Home

Times are tough nowadays, and despite what the talking heads on the television say, most people are not feeling the effects of the so-called ‘economic recovery’. No doubt that the few people at the top, who were likely responsible for the crisis in the first place are still living it up though. Anyway, times are hard and they’re even harder when after a long hard day at work, you come back home to your castle, to your abode, only to find that it is in the middle of an invasion of the Mongol horde. If that horde was made up of roaches, ants, and maybe fleas, that is. While unlikely to result in your violent death (unlike the Mongols), there is no doubt that having these little creepy crawlies as your housemates adds a lot of unnecessary stress and difficulty to your life. Stress that you don’t need of course.

So what do you do? Call in the professionals? Well, like I said, times are hard, and most people don’t have hundreds of dollars in spare money just lying around in their bank accounts. The only option then, is to do it yourself. But where to begin? No worries, that is why we have written this article, where we will show you three easy, effective, yet affordable ways to get rid of your unwanted housemates. Let’s begin.

#1: Boric Acid

boric acidBoric acid is number one on this list for a reason: it is THE most effective method of killing any and all pests in your home, provided that they have an exoskeleton, that is. Boric acid is a lethal poison to insects and can be used against roaches, ants, fleas, and termites; it also burns through their exoskeletons for good measure. It’s very cheap too, usually at about $10 for 24 ounces. Note that while the word ‘acid’ might make you think of a liquid, boric acid actually comes in the form of a white or off-white colored powder. Place this acid in a thin coating around areas where you think termites are traversing, and once they step on it, it’s buggy heaven for them. Boric acid is one of the methods recommended in this guide on how to kill termites effectively. The best part is that as the effect is not immediate, the termites will track it back to their nests and die there. If their corpses are eaten by others, those termites will become poisoned as well, creating a powerful chain reaction of poisonous death.

PROTIP: Make sure your spread the powder in a thin layer so that the insects will walk over and not around it. Moisture reduces the acid’s effectiveness as well so make sure the area is dry or otherwise it will need more frequent reapplication. And lastly, while it would take A LOT of boric acid to poison a human, avoid putting the boric acid in areas where food is prepared.

#2: Soap

soap sprayWhile soap keeps us smelling fresh, when it comes to insects it leaves them fresh…. to death! Literally. The surface tension of the soap blocks the spiracles of insects (pores on their exoskeletons from which they breathe) causing a death by suffocation. While you don’t want to be leaving puddles of soapy water around your house, you can use simple dishwashing liquid and water in a spray bottle to create a deadly spray for your personal use. By personal use, I mean that if you see a roach running around, you don’t want to try to run over to it and sprinkle some boric acid on it, do you? Instead, use this soapy spray on any ‘loose’ pests you see running around your house. Get the cheapest generic brand of dishwashing liquid to make it even more budget friendly!

#3: Lemons

lemonsIf boric acid is used as a poisonous trap, and the soapy spray is used as a direct pest killer, than this one is to keep them away. Lemons are a natural pest repellent, and the easiest way to use them is to squeeze some lemon juice into your mop bucket water. Not only will it keep those critters away, it’ll leave your home smelling way fresh as well!

Don’t shell out big money for professional pest control services (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, of course) and give these three economical ways to get rid of that nasty infestation in your home a shot! I think you’ll be quite surprised at how effective they are. And even if you don’t think you have an infestation at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions!

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