Fancy Hands Review

FancyHandsThis is a relatively new site where people who want to have the luxury of having a personal assistant, but don’t want to hire one, go to have their appointments scheduled, gifts purchased, spreadsheets filled out, reservations made, etc. It has been featured on sites such as Lifehacker, Mashable, New York Times, and Fast Company.

The list of different types of work is rather endless, actually. How do I know this? I am a Fancy Hands virtual assistant! I think it’s great work for those who need a very flexible schedule (I have the Wonder Twins to care for), have background noise issues (again, the Wonder Twins), or just want to earn a bit of pocket cash. Since I am a FancyHands assistant, I can’t divulge more than this, I’m afraid. But I can tell you that the staff is very helpful, and they are always making improvements to the site for requesters and assistants alike. Two thumbs up!

The site hires in waves, so this is one of those work from home job sites you should bookmark and visit frequently. When the job is open again, go here to apply.


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