Writing Text Ads for BoostCTR

Write Text Ads for BoostCTRI’m sure you’ve seen them, the text ads from Google that appear on just about every web page you visit (including mine, haha). But did you know that you could make money off of writing them? There’s a company called BoostCTR that provides a marketplace for companies to outsource their PPC (pay-per-click) writing campaigns. That’s where you come in.

How Does It Work?

Basically, companies seeking PPC ads create “contests” for writers to enter. You can either sign up for contests where you are paid upon acceptance of your ad, or you can choose to enter the more lucrative-paying contests, some of which pay out $20-$40. If a company really likes your work, then they have the option of ¬†selecting you for private “challenges” that pay even more. How much more exactly, I don’t know. I’ve only ever written the “instant-pay” ads, which is a good way to start out in the BoostCTR system.

How Do I Sign Up?

The process is fairly simple. You’ll need to take a short test where you’re given two ads to read, and you choose the one you think would win a contest. You must provide your reasoning for why you think the ad you chose would win. It’s a good idea to be fairly detailed in your explanation. Then, you be presented with a drop-down box asking about your copywriting experience. Unfortunately, there’s no choice for “none”. The minimum amount of experience is one year. I wouldn’t worry about this too much, though. I applied, and my copywriting experience is pretty slim. I still got accepted. :)

How Do I Get Paid?

They pay weekly on Tuesdays through PayPal, but only in U.S. dollars. ¬†I’ve only written a few ads since I signed up, and I chose the contests where I got paid upon acceptance of my ad. You should know that sometimes, a buyer can take what seems like forever (up to a week, which seems like forever to me sometimes) to approve your ad once you submit it, so payment is not exactly “immediate.”

However, while payment is not immediate, it is faster than the ads where you must win a contest, which can last upwards of 2 weeks. You are paid only if your ad “wins” by being the highest performer in a batch of ads the buyer accepted.

My Personal Experience

At first, I was mystified. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I was a little intimidated. However, there are detailed instructions, tips, and tricks that the site provides which are must-reads, in my humble opinion. And once you get a few ad writing campaigns under your belt, the whole process doesn’t seem as difficult and mystifying. You will have ads that are rejected, but that’s part of the whole “learning-by-doing” process, right?

Should I Apply?

You can read more about the opportunity on the BoostCTR site by checking out the FAQs. If you’re interested in getting your feet wet in PPC ad writing, then I think this is a good way to start out. Go ahead and sign up here. Good luck!

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