Clickworker Review is another micro-task or micro-job site where you earn cash for performing short tasks such as writing, search engine evaluation, address research, etc. The type of work varies from day to day, and you have to take qualification tests for each type of task.

Pay Rates & Methods

Like’s mTurk system, the rate of pay will depend on the project you’re working on. In their FAQ, Clickworker says that it is possible to earn upwards of $9 per hour, but again, it all depends on the task and its complexity.

There are two methods of  being paid: PayPal and SEPA bank account transfers. They pay once a week for PayPal (from Wednesdays to Fridays), and the minimum amount is either $1 or €1. If you choose SEPA, which I believe is the only method of payment available for certain countries where PayPal is not available, Clickworker pays out once a month between the 7th or 9th of the month. The minimum amount for SEPA is €10.

Task Types and Review Times

I haven’t been on the site very long, so I am not familiar with all of the different types of work available. I’m assuming that because you have to take a writing assessment and another assessment which gauges your address research capabilities, that is the majority of their work. Both of these assessments are required in order to be able to do work for Clickworker, and they are both manually graded.

Tasks have to be approved before they can pay out. Unfortunately, some of Clickworker’s clients aren’t very speedy when it comes to approval. It usually takes a few hours for approval, but I’ve read that it can be upwards of days. Once it’s approved, however, Clickworker does pay.

Bottom Line

This seems to be another good backup way to make money. If you enjoy small-task-based work, then this may be a good opportunity for you. Sign up here if you’re interested!



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