Distractify: Viral Video Curator & Headline Writer

Distractify is looking for an Internet addict to discover videos before they go viral. The ideal candidate spends the majority of his or her free time on Reddit, social news sites, social media, and has a shamelessly comprehensive view of Internet culture.

Your work will entertain 700,000 fans on our flagship Youtube channel and on our site, launching in 2 weeks.


This is a full-time position from the comfort of your own home (no pants required). Part time and freelance arrangements are also available.

What We’re About:

Distractify entertains the connected generation, discovering trending topics and delivering them in a shareable way. We aim to create the most viral content on the web through an understanding of our generation’s interests, values, and experiences.

We currently have 1.4 million followers on social media and an existing track record of virality on Youtube with 20 million monthly views and 500 million aggregate.

About You:

-You’re obsessed with Youtube, Reddit, Liveleak, Vine, Upworthy, etc.

-You’re deeply passionate about humans and making the world a better place

-You have an instinct for content that makes people feel feelings

-Browsing the internet and finding awesome stuff is your dream job

-Experience in curating, video production or editing, writing, or journalism is a plus, but not required

What You’ll Be Doing:

-Scouring the Internet for hidden gems

-Writing headlines that package videos in a shareable way

-Shaping content strategy and discussing trends with editors

What We’ll Provide:

-The freedom to express yourself, create, learn, and innovate

-The opportunity to test your ideas and insights on a mass Internet scale

-The chance to rise quickly and influence company direction

-Flexible hours, work from home, and competitive pay


Unfortunately, this isn’t a job where a resume can tell us your whole story. Here are some quick ways to show off your talent.


Find 3 meaningful videos from the past week that will create a stir on social media. Write a powerful headline that captures the message of the video in a shareable way.

Also, please show us 3 videos you find funny that we probably haven’t seen before.


Show us any relevant past work, your social media profiles (including Reddit & Youtube) and anything else to give us insight into your Internet taste.

Send your links in a cover letter along with your resume to recruiting@distractify.com or simply apply via Jobscore. We look forward to seeing your work!

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