My Week of mTurk

mTurkWhen I ran out of tasks with my ad rating job, I had to figure out a way to make some money, fast. What to do? I could go back to writing, but I needed some cash almost immediately…and Crowdsource didn’t have any writing jobs I could work on. Bummer. What could I do to earn some quick cash that I have access to pretty quick?


I thought to myself “you haven’t done any tasks on mTurk in awhile…maybe it’s time to try that again.” So, I turned to the Subreddit, HITs Worth Turking For to find ones that were worth my while. That is, HITs that pay at least $0.10 a minute (that is the measure of a good HIT on this Subreddit). I prefer using the Subreddit over the mTurk forums, because it updates frequently, and I don’t have to wade through pages upon pages of forum posts to find HITs.

I found that the vast majority of these HITs were surveys, which I don’t mind doing if they don’t ask a bunch of questions, only to disqualify you and then keep spamming your in-box. Because the vast majority of the HITs Worth Turking For are university studies, they will not disqualify you, and they will leave your in-box alone. Even better, they pay you in cash! While you won’t get rich doing this, you will make some decent pocket cash. I’m all about pocket cash, especially this time of year.

Data Entry

I also decided to try to get my total HITs up to 500, because that is often a qualifier that opens up better-paying HITs. Taking surveys isn’t going to do that in a short amount of time , so I ended up doing some data entry-type HITs where you enter data from store receipts. They don’t pay well ($0.03 to $0.07 per hit, with bonuses for lengthy receipts), but they pay better than the $0.01 HITs that are all over the place. And, they pay fast. If you are a speedy typist, you will probably do better than I do.  You can find these by entering “receipts” into the search box.

There are two big “companies” that do this, Jon Brelig and 411Richmond. If I’m lucky, I’ll find the HITs for entering only the store, date, total, and location from the receipts, because those go super fast. If those aren’t available, I’ll almost always go for Jon Brelig’s receipts, because his HITs show a preview of the receipt before you accept it. If it’s too small, has a bazillion items, too blurry, etc., I’ll just skip the HIT until I find one I can do. If Jon Brelig doesn’t have any, I’ll do 411Richmond’s receipts. While I can’t see a preview of the exact receipt, their interface is better than Jon Brelig’s, at least in terms of viewing receipts. You can magnify the receipt right on the same page in 411’s HITs. In Jon Brelig’s, magnifying takes place in another browser tab.

In any case, after a week of “Turking,” I have almost $20 in my Amazon account. Unfortunately, not all $20 is available to transfer or apply directly to my Amazon purchases. Guess I’ll have to wait. Hope that happens soon!

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