Hello And Welcome To My Blog!

Hey guys, for those of you who’re wondering, I’m a pest control expert who’ve had extensive experience in eliminating almost all types of pests you see all over the US nowadays. These include roaches (all local breeds), ants, rodents, flies, termites and more. I’ve seen my fair share of damages that pests can cause to your homes. Special mention goes to termites, which can cause some of the worst structural damage to your home like you’ve never imagined. Most home insurance does not cover termite damage, so I’d also recommend looking into that as well.

I’d like to point out firstly, that I’m not affiliated with any of the brands or products that I recommend to my readers. I could be, but I’m not because I believe that would somehow weigh in on my perception on which pest control products work best. Also, feel free to share in the comments section (which would be made available as soon as I add some finishing touches to this website) on your pest experiences and which products worked best for you.